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New Curvy tutorials

We uploaded the first two Tutorials, explaining all core concepts of Curvy splines!

2015/10/09 22:38 · Jake · 0 Comments

Curvy 2.0 released

We're proud to announce the public release of Curvy 2.0! We've done a complete code overhaul, improved performance, optimized API,added lots of useful features like the Curvy Generator and worked hard to make Curvy the most polished and streamlined spline tool availabe for Unity.

2015/09/26 08:42 · Jake · 0 Comments

Site relaunch

Yeah, we relaunched our website! The old site was great, but we'd like to use a more Wiki-like approach for better documentation integration and more community options like comments.

2015/09/21 12:40 · Jake · 0 Comments
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