Is RageShadow suited for mobiles? How's the performance?

RageShadow is well-suited for mobiles!

RageShadow's performance is almost the same as the performance of RageSpline. Each shadow is actually a RageSpline, so you just have more RageSplines in the scene. The calculations taken by RageShadow are next to nothing, performance wise. Also, there are no “real” hardware lights involved!

How can I optimize my shadow splines?

This depends on the spline shape. In general, you can lower the Vertex Density of the shadow spline and disable outline rendering and any kind of texturing (unlike you want textured shadows).

Are shadow splines synchronized with their source?

Not yet, but if you manipulate the source spline, manipulate the shadow spline simultaneous and you're done!

Last modified: 2015/07/29 20:33 by Jake