Release Notes


  • (NEW) Added CreatePathLineRenderer CG module
  • (NEW) Addressed Unity 5.5 incompatibilities
  • (FIX) SplineController.AdaptOnChange failing under some conditions
  • (FIX) Selecting a spline while the Shape wizard is open immediately changes it's shape
  • (FIX) ModifierMixShapes module not generating normals
  • (CHANGE) Changed 20_CGPath example to showcase CreatePathLineRenderer module


  • (NEW) Added CurvySplineBase.GetApproximationPoints
  • (NEW) Added Offsetting and offset speed compensation to CurvyController
  • (FIX) ImportExport toolbar button ignoring ShowGlobalToolbar option
  • (FIX) Assigning CGDataReference to VolumeController.Volume and PathController.Path fails at runtime
  • (CHANGE) OrientationModeEnum and OrientationAxisEnum moved from CurvyController to FluffyUnderware.Curvy namespace
  • (CHANGE) ImportExport Wizard now cuts text and logs a warning if larger then allowed by Unity's TextArea


  • (NEW) More options for the Mesh Triangulation wizard
  • (NEW) Improved Spline2Mesh and SplinePolyLine classes for better triangulator support
  • (NEW) BuildVolumeCaps performance heavily improved
  • (NEW) Added preference option to hide _CurvyGlobal_ GameObject
  • (NEW) Import/Export API & wizard for JSON serialization of Splines and Control Points (Catmull-Rom & Bezier) - Experimental
  • (NEW) Added 22_CGClonePrefabs example scene
  • (NEW) Windows Store compatiblity (Universal 8.1, Universal 10)
  • (FIX) BuildVolumeMesh.KeepAspect not working properly
  • (FIX) CreateMesh.SaveToScene() not working properly
  • (FIX) NRE when using CreateMesh module's Mesh export option
  • (FIX) Spline layer always resets to default spline layer
  • (FIX) CurvySpline.TFToSegmentIndex returning wrong values
  • (FIX) SceneSwitcher helper script raise errors at some occasions
  • (CHANGE) Setting CurvyController.Speed will only change movement direction if it had a value of 0 before
  • (CHANGE) Dropped poly2tri in favor of LibTessDotNet for triangulation tasks
  • (CHANGE) Removed all legacy components from Curvy 1.X
  • (CHANGE) New Control Points now use the spline's layer


  • (NEW) Added CurvyGenerator.FindModule<T>()
  • (NEW) Added InputSplineShape.SetManagedShape()
  • (NEW) Added 51_InfiniteTrack example scene
  • (NEW) Added CurvyController.Pause()
  • (NEW) Added CurvyController.Apply()
  • (NEW) Added CurvyController.OnAnimationEnd event
  • (NEW) Added option to select Connection GameObject to Control Point inspector
  • (FIX) UV2 calculation not working properly
  • (FIX) CurvyController.IsInitialized becoming true too early
  • (FIX) Controller Damping not working properly when moving backwards
  • (FIX) Control Point pool keeps invalid objects after scene load
  • (FIX) _CurvyGlobal_ frequently causes errors in editor when switching scenes
  • (FIX) Curve Gizmo drawing allocating memory unnecessarily
  • (FIX) SplineController allocates memory at some occasions
  • (FIX) CurvyDefaultEventHandler.UseFollowUp causing Stack Overflow/Unity crashing
  • (FIX) _CurvyGlobal_ GameObject disappearing by DontDestroyOnLoad bug introduced by Unity 5.3
  • (CHANGE) UITextSplineController resets state when you disable it
  • (CHANGE) CurvyGenerator.OnRefresh() now returns the first changed module in CGEventArgs.Module
  • (CHANGE) Renamed CurvyControlPointEventArgs.AddMode to ModeEnum, changed content to “AddBefore”, “AddAfter”, “Delete”, “None”


  • (NEW) Added Pooling example scene
  • (NEW) Added CurvyGLRenderer.Add() and CurvyGLRenderer.Delete()
  • (FIX) CG graph not refreshing properly
  • (FIX) CG module window background rendering transparent under Unity 5.2 at some occasions
  • (FIX) Precise Movement over connections causing position warps
  • (FIX) Curvy values resetting to default editor settings on upgrade
  • (FIX) Control Points not pooled when deleting spline
  • (FIX) Pushing Control Points to pool at runtime causing error
  • (FIX) Bezier orientation not updated at all occasions
  • (FIX) MetaCGOptions: Explicit U unable to influence faces on both sides of hard edges
  • (FIX) Changed UITextSplineController to use VertexHelper.Dispose() instead of VertexHelper.Clear()
  • (FIX) CurvySplineSegment.ConnectTo() fails at some occasions


  • (NEW) Added Range option to Input Spline Path and Input Spline Shape modules
  • (NEW) CG editor improvements
  • (NEW) Added more Collider options to Create Mesh module
  • (NEW) Added Renderer options to Create Mesh module
  • (NEW) Added CurvySpline.IsPlanar(CurvyPlane) and CurvySpline.MakePlanar(CurvyPlane)
  • (FIX) Controller Inspector leaking textures
  • (FIX) Controllers refreshing when Speed==0
  • (FIX) VolumeController not using individual faces at all occasions
  • (FIX) Unity 5.2.1p1 silently introduced breaking changes in IMeshModifier
  • (FIX) IOS deployment code stripping (link.xml)
  • (CHANGE) CurvyController.OrientationDamping now obsolete!



Initial Curvy 2 release! Existing users, please read the upgrading guide!

Last modified: 2017/02/07 16:29 by Jake