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Input Spline Shape

Creates a Shape from a CurvySpline



  • <span em>Shape<span>




You can either assign a spline from the scene or create a managed spline resource. In that case the Shapes inspector can be accessed right from the module.

Strictly 2D

Note that a Shape by definition is 2D on the X/Y plane only!


Lets you define what parts of the source spline are used by subsequent modules. For example, if you set Range from CP0001 to CP0002 of a spline, only that segment is used from the source. If a subsequent module like Shape Extrusion uses a length of 1 then, the segment formed by CP0001 will be used instead of the whole spline.

This is particulary useful to clamp object placing or mesh extrusion to a fixed portion of the spline, making it independent from total spline length

Start CP

Defines the starting Control Point. If the source spline is closed and no End CP is set, this results in a “shift”, i.e. the choosen CP will act as the beginning of the spline.

End CP

Defines the end Control Point.

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